Emerson Aniceto


     Many wonderful things happen in our lives and around us all the time. Being able to see them is easy, but capturing these moments is probably the most challenging aspect. Creating the perfect photograph requires more than just pressing the shutter at the precise moment and at the right time. Coordination, perspective, composition, lighting and color are factors that must also be considered.

     Emerson Aniceto after spending a little over a year living in Europe, has devoted himself to the art of photography now he is back to Brasília. After his brief success as a model he has decided to move to the other side of camera, devoting himself to the study of photography.

     His passion is photographing people (beauty and fashion), families, children, newborns and beloved pets, paying close attention to the whole process, from conception to print. For him photography is much more than taking a picture, is the inspiration, the decision, the spontaneity, the emotion, the art...The life.

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